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Types of Digital Theodolit:

A theodolite is a precision instrument that is used for, measuring the angles of both of the vertical and horizontal planes.
Mainly these instruments are used for surveying applications. Also, they are adapted for specialized purposes in many fields like rocket launch and meteorology technology.
In a modern theodolite there is a movable telescope that is mounted within two perpendicular axes as the vertical axis and the trunnion or horizontal axis. When you pointed the telescope at a targeted object we can measure the angle of each of these axes, with great precision, typically to seconds of arc.

Classification of Theodolite:

Theodolite may be classified into two types:

Transit theodolite

When the telescope of theodolite can be revolved through 180°about its horizontal axis in a vertical plane, it is known as transit theodolite, so these theodolite directed the telescope in the opposite direction.

Non-transit theodolite

The non-transit theodolite is opposite to the transit theodolite. Its telescope does not revolve 180° about its horizontal axis in a vertical plane.

Theodolite Types:

There are so many different types of Theodolite are available the most famous types are:
  • Repeating theodolites
  • Directional theodolites
  • Electrical digital theodolites
  • Total stations

Repeating Theodolites:

The Repeating Theodolitesenable the horizontal angles to be repeated, this process can be done at any number of times and also can be added directly on the instrument circle.

Directional Theodolites:

The directional theodolites are Non-repeating instrument,without any lower motion. It works by reading directions on the place of angles.

Electronic Digital Theodolites:

These types of theodolites automatically reads the horizontal and vertical angles and record it. On the graduated circles, it eliminates the manual reading of the scales.

Total Station Instruments:

The total station instruments are an electronic distance measurement instrument that is used in one integral unit. The horizontal and vertical angles are recorded automatically also it may record the slope distances from a single setup.
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