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​​​​​​​Refrigeration process:

A refrigeration is the process of moving the heat in controlled conditions from one location to another. Traditionally, the heat transport work is by the mechanical work, but also it can be driven by electricity, heat, laser, magnetism, or other means.

There are so many applications of refrigeration, where some of the most famous applications, are air conditioning, cryogenics, household refrigerators and industrial freezers. Commonly, for the heat output of the refrigeration process the Heat pumps may be used. These pumps are designed to work in reversible condition, but otherwise these are similar to refrigeration units.

Applications of Refrigeration:

  • Comfort air conditioning of auditoriums, hospitals, hotels, offices, residences, etc.
  • Computer functioning.
  • Cooling of concrete for dams.
  • For the transportation and storage of food like dairy product, fish, fruit juices, fruit, meat, vegetables, etc.
  • Manufacture of ice.
  • Processing of photographic material, printing work, textiles, etc.
  • Production of rocked fuels.

Advantages of Refrigeration:

  • Especially in humid regions and situations, it works very efficiently.
  • The refrigerant use, the air is cheap and easily available.
  • As compared to other systems the weight to the tone, of the refrigeration ratio is less.
  • They can work better than evaporative systems when it comes to allergies.
  • Due to leakages, there is no danger of fire or toxic effects.
  • This process also can be reversed, that would help it to become a heater.
  • These are very efficient, which provides the 3 units of cooling for every unit of electricity consumption.

Disadvantages of Refrigeration:

  • Because, the air contains moisture content, it increases the danger of frosting at the expander valves.
  • In terms of installation, maintenance and function, it is more expensive.
  • The running cost is high, because the COP of the system is very low.
  • These can be less eco-friendly as they require refrigerants for emission.
  • These devices require more energy.
  • This can be a more complicated process than the evaporative one.
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