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Benkelman Beam Test:

The Benkelman Beam Testis a procedure that covers the determination of a pavement rebound deflection under a tyre pressure and standard wheel load.
Sometimes this process can be done with the temperature measurements.

Equipment Required:

  • A Benkelman beam to the Ministry of Works with theappropriate development pattern.
  • A tyre pressure gauge is graduated in 20 Kpa divisions or smaller.
  • A mandrel suitable for making a 100mm deep hole in the pavement.
  • A can containing either oil or glycerol for filling the thermometer hole.
  • A thermometer with a range of 0-6°C in 1°C divisions.
  • A trailer or truck with an axle load of 8.20 ±0.15 tonnes.

Procedure of Benkelman Beam Test:

  • The test point shall be marked and preselected.
  • Test points shall be located at the proper distances from the edge of the lane, for the highway pavements.
  • Before the first test, in the intervals or after every three hours, you need to check the pressure of the tyre.
  • The position of the truck shall initially be with the test wheel that is between 100 to 150mm to the rear of the test spot, or on the position A.
  • Insert the probe of the beam between the dual tyres of the test wheel with the help of toe that is located on the test spot.
  • Release the locking device and for making the contact between the plunger and the dial gauge adjust the rear of the beam.
  • The dial gauge shall be set to read between 9 and 11mm and set the vibrator in operation.
  • For passing the test wheel over the test spot, move the truck shall forward at creep speed. After that it continues advancing to position 8.
  • The maximum dial gauge reading that occurs during the movement of the truck from the position A to B is called the start reading.
  • The intermediate reading (symbolized by I), is indicated by the dial gauge at the moment when the truck stops.
  • Until the test wheel is in the position V, the truck shall be moved forward, from position B, it is less than 10 metres.
  • When the truck stops in position C, the figure that is indicated by the dial gauge is the final reading. This reading shall be recorded. Atico Export is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Benkelman Beam Apparatus.

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