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Conductors and Insulators:

The conductors are the materials which flow the electric current freely and oppositely, the insulator is used to stop the flow of electric current. Commonly, the Metals such as copper are the best example of a conductor, on the other hand, most of the non-metallic solids having extremely high resistance to the flow of charge through them are insulators.

Example of Conductors:

  • Aqueous solutions of salts
  • Graphite
  • Human Body
  • Metals
  • Water

Example of Insulators:

  • Dry Air
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Styrofoam

Application of conductors in daily life

  • A wire gauze conducts heat quickly to the container placed on it for heating.
  • The head of a soldering iron is made of copper to be heated quickly.
  • Aluminium is used for making frying pans to absorb heat quickly.
  • At the back the refrigerators have copper pipes for conducting away heat from the coolant.
  • Motor vehicle engines are made of iron to conduct away heat.
  • Mercury is used in thermometers to absorb heat.
  • The iron plate of an electric iron is made of steel to absorb heat quickly.
  • Car radiators are made of iron to conduct away heat.

Application of insulators in daily life

  • A glass rod is used for storingwater.
  • A Styrofoam box is used for storing ice as or keeps away the heat.
  • Blankets are used for keeping our body warm.
  • Hot teapots are placed on mat to prevent damaging the table top.
  • Sawdust is used for covering ice to prevent the ice from melting quickly.
  • The frying pan handle is made of the plastic or wood so that it is not hot.
  • Igloos are made of ice to retain heat in an igloo.
  • Woolen clothes are worn in winter to keep the body warm.

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