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Ultrafiltration is one of the types of membrane filtration, which is commonly known as ‘UF’.
UF is employed in many Industries like waste water treatment, food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing in recycling the flow or for adding the value to the latest products.

It is widely used because of its advantage of separation, purification and concentration on targeting the macromolecules in continuous systems, this process can be done through pressurizing the solution flow. Here, the components which are passed through the membrane are called as permeates and which are not passed through it are known as retentate.

Characteristics of Ultrafiltration:

  • Any membrane configuration
  • Cross flow or transverse flow
  • Excellent pretreatment for RO or Post-treatment for ED.
  • Operating pressures ~ 50 psi
  • Use re-circulation for high TSS
  • Uses back flush to loosen fouling

Applications of Ultrafiltration:

In the following industries you can see the use of UF technology:
  • Metal industry
  • Automotive painting industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
The most common applications in which we use the Ultrafiltration are:
  • Cheese manufacture, see ultra-filtered milk
  • Desalting and solvent-exchange of proteins (via diafiltration)
  • Dialysis and other blood treatments
  • Removal of pathogens from milk
  • Enzyme recovery
  • Filtration of effluent from paper pulp mill
  • Removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water
  • Fruit juice concentration and clarification
  • In the processing of cheese
  • Laboratory grade manufacturing
  • Process and waste water treatment

Reverse Osmosis Ultrafiltration Unit: 

We are manufacturer and supplier of Reverse Osmosis Ultrafiltration Unit. For Food Technology Lab Equipment Manufacturer in India as well as 30 other worldwide countries. 

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