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Fluidized Bed Dryer:

Fluidized Bed Dryer is a well-known and widely used dryer, which is acclaimed in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Also in granulation process, we use fluidized bed dryer to get desired damp content in the tablet production granules. Commonly, we can classify the FBD in two types like:
  • Vertical fluidized bed dryers
  • Horizontal fluidized bed dryers

Applications of Fluidized Bed Dryer:

  • The fluidized bed dryer is used for the popularly drying of the pellets in the tablet production.
  • For mixing, drying and granulation functions we can use FBD.
  • Also for the coating of granules we can use it.

Advantages of Fluidized Bed Dryer:

  • As compare to tray dryer the thermal efficiency of FBD is 2 to 6 times greater.
  • Because of the excellent mixing and drying capacities of FBD there is no any observation of Hot spots is needed.
  • From a small floor space it provides a high output.
  • In FBDs we also can use the higher drying temperatures, which is not possible in tray dryer.
  • Also the thermo labile substances drying facility are available in it.
  • It is available in both batch and continuous type, so we can select our desired one.
  • It is very simple to handle the drying containers and it also reduces the labor cost.
  • Also, we can use FBD for mixing the ingredients.
  • It’s processing time is fast as compare to tray dryer.
  • The handling time of FBD is also 15 times faster than the tray dryer.
  • There are so many different sizes of FBD are available in the market, according to its capacity, you can select your desired one according to your need.

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