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Biological Safety Cabinet:

A Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is also known as a microbiological safety cabinet. It is an enclosed, publicized laboratory workspace that is used to work safely with contaminated materials and pathogens which require a defined Biosafety level.

There are different types of Biosafety cabinets differentiated by the required degree of bio containment. Firstly, BSC was commercially available in 1950.

Need of Biological Safety Cabinet:

  • Product protection: avoid contamination of the work, experiment, or process
  • Environment protection from contaminants within the cabinet
  • Personal protection from harmful agents in the cabinet

Types of Biosafety Cabinet:

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class III

Class I:

In the Class I cabinets we get the facility of personnel and environmental protection, but in this class the issue of the protection of product is not solved. Commonly, the class I BSCs is used for enclosing the specific procedures or equipment that generates the vaporizers.

Class II:

The Class II cabinets are the ventilated cabinet that provides the personnel, product and environmental protection. The Class II BSCs are divided into several parts which are:

  • A1:

It works for cell culture and infectious material procedures that do not use the volatile chemicals.

  • A2:

The working of A2 is similar as type A1, but it is piped to outside also in this class we can use the minute quantities of hazardous chemicals.

  • B1:

The class II B1 should be hard-ducted to exterior exhaust, which follows the same procedures as Type A2. The manipulations of minute quantities of hazardous chemicals are used in it to make it advance

  • B2:

This cabinet provides simultaneous primary biological and chemical containment. It is widely used in toxicology labs and similar labs where clean air is essential

Class III:

The Class III Biosafety cabinet is very useful to work with bio hazardous agents that require high contain. These BSCs are completely enclosed the HEPA filter-ventilated cabinet with the decontamination and glove ports. The highest degree of personnel and environmental protection is offered by it from the infectious aerosols. Atico Export is the big manufacturer and supplier of Biological Safety Cabinet.

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