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Oscilloscope Applications:

An Oscilloscope is a device which is used to measure the voltage through its input, at a fixed rate.  By using the Oscilloscope you can take a voltage measurement of every type of current.
These measurements are stored in its memory, which have a room for saving the measurements up to 2500.
This information is stored with the 8 bits of accuracy and then a graph of voltage versus time is developed. After receiving every “trigger” the graph is refreshed automatically. You have to set that how many measurements it should display, relative to the trigger time.

A trigger is a condition that you set on a signal fed, which is available into the signal input. The display is refreshed when the signal satisfies the conditions. You can feed the same signal into the trigger input and the display input oftenly, but not always:

Parts of Oscilloscope:

  • Display
  • Horizontal Sweep (Time Base)
  • Soft keys
  • Vertical Amplitude
  • Triggering (Sweep) Controls
  • Run Control
  • 16 Input Channels of Digital Signals
  • Operation Controls
  • Floppy Disk

Oscilloscope Applications:

Power analysis:

It is used to analyze and measure the working features of line-power harmonics, power conversion devices and circuits. For this purpose differential amplifier probes are needed also, to make an analysis of the data easier a special software is offered.

Serial data analysis:

For the constant increment of serial data formats, the digital data signals are moved into it. In the automotive industries the oscilloscopes are used to analyze and characterize the data formats like: Bluetooth, CAN Bus, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, FireWire, InfiniBand, Rapid I/O, SCSI, Serial ATA and USB.

Jitter analysis:

In today’s world the high-bandwidth circuits have extremely fast signals and clocks. This device is used to debug and characterize the signal jitter and for clocks, data stream and clock-to-data analysis.

Data storage device testing:

Scopes are used for measuring the performance of the disk, optical recording characteristics and media noise to test the designs of CD/DVD and disk drive.

Time-domain reflectometry:

It is a way for measuring the variations and impedance values, along the transmission cables, microstripsor cables connectors on a circuit board. We are manufacturer and supplier of Oscilloscope

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