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Different Types of Anaerobic Reactors:

Anaerobic Reactor is a device which is used in anaerobic processes.
This process is used for converting the organic matter of wastewaters to carbon dioxide and methane, by using a series of reactions that involves a consortium of facultative and obligate anaerobic microorganisms.

In this process complex organic waste ingredients as:alcohols, complex organic chemicals, fatty acids, proteins, starches, are converted to lower-molecular-weight soluble intermediates like amino acids, alcohol and sugars by using enzymatic hydrolysis. All these soluble substances are further converted through the fermentation reactions to form the organic acids.

Anaerobic ReactorsTypes:

Usually this process is operated at a temperature of 35 C. The methane gas, which is generated in this process is used to heat the reactor, to maintain this temperature. More description about the anaerobic reactor types are given below:

Anaerobic Filter:

It is similar to a trickling filter which is used to generate a biofilm on media. In this filter the bed is fully inundated and can be functioned either downflow or upflow. A recycle can be employed for very high strength wastewaters.

Anaerobic Contact:

The Anaerobic Contact can be deliberated as an anaerobic activated sludge. Because,it is recycled from a separator or clarifier to the reactor. So, a gas-liquid-solid mixture is leaving the reactor and to separate the gas and to avoid the floating sludge in the clarifier a vacuum degasifier is required.

Fluidized Bed reactor:

In this reactor there is a sand bed, the biomass is grown on that bed. In a small volume of reactor, a very large biomass can be developed since the sand particles are small. In this reactor a high recycle is required in order to fluidize the bed.

Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB):

The anaerobic sludge will developed as a high density granules under the proper conditions, it maintains a sludge blanket in the reactor. Where, through the blanket the wastewater is passed upward and also in the blanket, a high concentration of biomass can be developed because of its density.

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