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Ductility Testing Procedure:

The Ductility Test is used to determine the extent through which, a material can withstand the plastic deformation without rupture.
For determining the ductility of the distillation residue of cutback bitumen the Ductility Test is best processed.
Its ductility is measured by the distance in the terms of centimeter. After that, before breaking, at a specified speed and temperature when a standard briquette specimen of the material is pulled apart, it will elongate. This process is a simple way to evaluate the quality of materials.

This process can be done by the ability of materials to crack the other surface irregularities, when one continuous bend is under processing. There is a large amount of plastic deformation that is prior to failure with a ductile fracture. A measured amount of plastic deformation is shown by ductile materials are prior to fracture.

Bituminous Materials:

Some most common characteristics of Bituminous Materials are:
  • Asphalts are black or dark brown solids or semi solids that are found in the natural state.
  • The destructive distillation is carried out on the natural materials which produces tar.
  • Most common materials within the family of bitumen’s are asphalts, pitches and tars.
  • Fractional distillation or Partial evaporation of tar produces the semi-solid or solid residue of pitch
  • Some natural deposits of asphalts are found in California, Colorado, Utah and Kentucky.
  • They may be semisolid,solid, gaseous or liquid

AnchorSalient Features of Ductility Testing machine:

  • Carriage holding up to three standard briquette moulds
  • Constant speed Pump cum stirrer
  • Control Panel
  • Electric motor with gear mechanism
  • Immersion electric heater
  • Stainless steel bath
  • Stainless steel scale and pointer
  • Temperature controller (Thermostatic/Digital)

Ductility Testing machine Manufacturer and Supplier:

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