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Medical Microscope: 

An optical instrument containing combination of lenses, for enlarged images of minute objects so that they can be seen and studied is called Microscope.
There are so many different types of Microscope are available in the market according to our need.
The Microscopes which are used in the medical sector are called Medical Microscope. In the medical field there are also so many types of Microscopes according to their function and uses. The most common uses of Medical Microscope are provided below:

Uses of Medical Microscope:


To get better magnification, we use microscopes in surgical procedure of orthopedic, gynecological, ophthalmic, oral, neurosurgery, plastic and pediatric etc. it is very important to have the better view about the cells and tissues of the area which is operated. The common features of Surgery Microscopy tools are brilliant for increasing the resolution of the image.


In Dental care we need the proper magnification for getting the best knowledge of dental problems. For this purpose the observation equipment’s are used by the dentists for diagnosing the problems in teeth, it is very easy for dentists to detect the problems with the help of it. Also, it is helpful for the patients to understand the problems in their teeth. Without the magnification it is very difficult for dentists to find the small cracks.


For getting the best resolution in treatment the ENT specialists also use magnifying tools. For increasing the level of safety for patients to see well the use these lances with the features like enhances magnification, illumination, etc. By using these features they can increase the resolution and experience for healthcare professionals.


Also in the field of OB-GYN, observation equipment are used in tests,surgeries, and treatments


In the medical field, the need of the microscope is not only in treatments or surgeries, but also we use it in medical laboratories more than the surgeries or treatments. In the medical labs, we use the magnifying tool to observe tissues, cell, viruses, bacteria, etc. By using the Laboratory magnifiers we can see the behavior of viruses, with the help of this their cures can be developed also for locating the problems in the cells. So Medical Microscope is used as an important Scientific Laboratory Instruments in Medical lab.

Medical Institutes:

In pharmaceutical institutes, Medical microscopes are widely used. So, it is quite necessary to get this device from a well-known manufacturers as Atico Export is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Pharmaceutical Equipments. For all School ScieAnchornce Lab Supplies,clients are invited to call us.

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