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Lab Centrifuge Description:

A device which is used to separate two or more materials from each other by using centrifugal force is called Centrifuge.
The tendency of an object which is used to continue in a linear motion by traveling over a central point and then fly away from that central point is known as Centrifugal force.
The centrifugation process is used to separate different particles from a solution according to their shape, size, density, rotor speed and viscosity of the medium. Usually in biology, the particles are cells, viruses, large molecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, sub cellular organelles and large molecules such as proteins.

Types of Centrifuges:

There are four major types of centrifuges. They are:

Small Bench Centrifuges:

Small Bench Centrifuges are used to accumulate the small amount of material which expeditiously sediment like erythrocytes, yeast cells etc. The maximum relative centrifugal field of Small Bench Centrifuges is 3000-7000 g.

Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuges:

The Centrifuges which have capacity to change rotor chambers for varying size and also have refrigerated rotor chamber are Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuges. Their maximum relative centrifugal field is 6500 g which is used to sediment or collect the materials that sediment rapidly like yeast cell, erythrocytes, chloroplast and nuclei.

High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges:

The High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges can generate the speed about 60000g and they are used to collect cellular debris,microorganism, proteins precipitated by ammonium sulphate and larger cellular organelles.

Ultra Centrifuges:

Ultra Centrifuges are also separated in two parts which are:

Preparative ultra-centrifuge:

The Preparative ultra-centrifuge can produce the relative centrifugal force of 600000g and its chamber is sealed,refriger­ated and evacuated. It is worked for the separation of ligand binding kinetic studies / macromolecules, deprotonisation of physiological fluids for amino acid analysis and separation of numerous lipoprotein fractions from the plasma.

Analytical ultra-centrifuge:

The Analytical ultra-centrifuge can produce the relative centrifugal force of 500000 g. There are three kinds of optical systems which are: a light absorption system, Rayleigh interferometry system and the alternative Schlieren system,both of which not exchanges in the refractive index of the solution.

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