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Biodiesel Advantages

Biodiesel is a fuel similar like petrodiesel. Non-toxic and renewable both can be extracted from plants and animals.
Biodiesel can be obtained from soyabean oil but other oils are also useful when replenished like rapeseed, canola, palm, cottonseed, sunflower, and peanut.
As Biodiesel is used in its pure form, however it is blended with standard diesel fuel. It is safe to use in diesel engine. You can make it by using the three processes mentioned below:
  • Mix Vegetable oil with another fuel like straight vegetable oil
  • Using straight vegetable oil, or SVO
  • To convert cooking grease used cooking grease


  • B100 can reduce CO2 emissoins by 78%.
  • It also lower the carcinogenic properties by 94%.
  • It runs more faster than than the conventional diesel fuel.
  • It also decrese the U.S dependence on imported oil.
  • It also enhance the energy security.
  • Bio-diesel is non-toxic.
  • 1% of biodiesel can increase fuel lubricity by 65%.


Its major drawback is an increase in biodiesel emissions.
While manufacturing when you decrease the amount of particulate matter in the matter ther is an increase in Nitrogen Oxide. It is manufactured at B5 and B20 which are low concentration for low concentrations.


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