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Gasoline Engine Parts:

A Gasoline Engine is also known as petrol engine. It is an innerignition engine with spark- incineration.
This Engine is designed to run on gasoline and similar volatile fuels. In1876, Mr. Nikolaus August Otto invented the first practical petrol engine in Germany.

After that Mr. √Čtienne Lenoir, Siegfried Marcus, Julius Hock and George Brayton make batter modifications in it. In 1882, Mr. Enrico Bernardiprototyped the first petrol combustion engine in Italy.  The fuel and air are usually pre-mixed before compression in the most of the petrol engines.

Parts of Gasoline Engine:


It is used to mix the air and gasoline in the proper amount before this mixture is injected into the cylinder as a mist.

Fuel Injector:

It is an electronically controlled valve which have fully replaced carburetors. The Fuel Injector uses an electronic management system for injecting a precise amounts of gas that is depends on the sensor readings of engine speed and other conditions.

Spark Plug:

It is used for producing the explosion in the cylinder, by burning the gasoline. Old spark plugs can damage the ignition timing and, also the fuel efficiency.


To crank the crankshaft, the ignition of the gasoline in the cylinder pushes a piston outward and then it vacillates back and forth within the cylinder.


It is a shaft which is used to varying radii that impulses against the intake valves and spring-loaded exhaust to the cylinder for opening them.


It is the main rotating shaft in the engine, which is helpful in the conversion of the pistons into rotary motion. It is attached with the pistons through the connecting rods.


  • Can be easily retrofitted for alternative fuels( CNG ,LPG)
  • Gears are short, hence cars is easy to drive.
  • Low on emissions, hence environment friendly.
  • Silent drive- engines don't produce much noise.
  • Small initial and low maintenance cost.


  • Idling performance is weak.
  • Overall fuel efficiency is a bit less as compared to a diesel counterpart.
  • Overtaking might seem a trouble without changing the gear as torque output is less.
  • Service requirement is frequent as compared to Diesel motors.
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