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Hydraulic turbine types:

Hydraulic turbines are the machines which are used to convert the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy.
These turbines are formed of the jet and vane type fluid dynamic machinery that operates on the reaction principle, which is involved in the conversion of pressure energy to kinetic energy.

Types of Hydraulic turbine:

We can classify the Hydraulic turbine in different types, on different bases which are:

Based on energy intake:

  • Impulse turbine
  • Reaction turbine

Based on flow of water:

  • Axial flow turbines
  • Radial flow turbines
  • Tangential flow turbines
  • Mixed flow turbines

Based on speed of the turbine:

  • Low specific speed turbine
  • Medium specific speed turbine
  • High specific speed turbine

Based on water head and quality of water:

  • High head and small quantity of water flow
  • Medium head and medium flow rate
  • Low head and large flow rate
The description about some main and most common types of Hydraulic turbines are given below:

Impulse Turbine:

In Impulse Turbines all the changes are occurring only in the nozzles of the machine. The Pelton Wheel is one of the best examples of the Impulse Turbine

Reaction Turbine:

In the Reaction Turbine the pressure of liquid is changed when it flows through the rotor of the machine.

Axial Flow Hydraulic Turbines:

Axial Flow Hydraulic Turbines has the flow path of the fluid mainly parallel to the axis of rotation. In the Kaplan Turbines the flow of liquid goes mainly in axial direction.

Radial Flow Hydraulic Turbines:

Radial Flow Hydraulic Turbines have the liquid flowing mainly in a level perpendicular to the axis of rotation.

Mixed Flow Hydraulic Turbines:

Mixed Flow Turbines are those which uses a significant component of both axial and radial flows.
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