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Battery Eliminator Description:

A device which is powered by an electrical source except battery is called Battery Eliminator.
It is used to convert the source to a suitable Direct Current voltage, a second device which designed to be powered by the batteries use this Current.

A Battery Eliminator can remove the advantage of portability, but also it eliminates the need to replace batteries also it can replace the obsolete battery designs.

The best example of Battery Eliminator is a nine volt mains power supply, in PP9 battery the shape and size is envisioned to replace the battery in moveable radios in the 1960s. For a portable appliance the Power is provided by a solar panel and also considered as a battery eliminator.

Components required to create a Battery Eliminator:

  • AC Plug
  • Transformer
  • Full-wave Rectifier
  • Smoothing Capacitor
  • Rotary Switch
  • Resistors Connected to Rotary Switch
  • Heat sink

Steps to make a Battery Eliminator:

  • Turn off the device and remove its battery cells. 
  • Cut the right size wood dowels for the battery which you want to replace.
  • In the center of an end Drill a pilot hole, the hole should be smaller than the bolt you'll be using.
  • Firstly screw a small wood screw with a head which is looking like the cell’spositive tip, into the hole which is drilled by you.
  • Attach the wire to the positive end of your power supply, and loop it round over the screw.
  • Tight the bolt onto the incurable or wire.
  • For the negative (-) terminal repeat the same steps.
  • Check your polarity again with a meter if you have.
  • To avoid dangerous and costly mix-ups you can mark the dowels with red color or "+" sign and for positive you can use black color or "-" for negative sign.
  • Insert the pins into the expedient, with the right polarity,and turn it on.

Battery Eliminator Manufacturers and Suppliers:

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