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Auto transformers:

An autotransformer is an electrical transformer which has only one winding. The "auto" refers to the single coil working on it, but not to any type of automatic mechanism. In an auto transformer, Parts of the same twisting act as both the secondary and primary sides of the transformer.
In contrast, a normal convertor has detached secondary and primary windings which are not connected electrically.

Advantages of Auto transformers:

  • Because of one winding System the cost of the core material and volume of copper reduces.
  • Because of the less power losses it provides higher efficiency.
  • In the designing and construction of this device the requirement of copper is very less.
  • It has a better voltage regulation as voltage drop in confrontation and resistance of the single winding is less.
  • It has a better Voltage Regulation.
  • It is more efficient as compared to conventional one.
  • It is very smaller as compared to others.
  • It obtains the variable voltage supply.
  • Low requirements of excitation current.
  • The lower resistance percentage results the better voltage regulation.

Disadvantages of Auto transformers:

  • An electrical connection between the primary and secondary is not always desirable
  • As a result of higher short circuit currents, the auto transformer winding need higher mechanical strength than that of the two winding transformer.
  • Autotransformer winds need more insulation than that of two winding transformer.
  • Auto-transformers are particularly sensitive to the atmospheric over-voltages.
  • Due to the size of the auto-transformer starter, much larger control panels are required which increases the price.
  • In the low voltage winding, if there is an accidental open circuit, the high voltage winding affects the load side.
  • Short circuit current due to external short circuit in auto transformers will be twice that of short circuit current in two winding transformer.
  • The compensating switch is much more expensive than a Star-Delta starter due to the auto-transformer.
  • The high and low voltage winding is not electrically isolated an electrical connection is added between them.

Manufacturer and Suppliers:

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