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Types of Air Conditioning:

A process where we can set the ‘humidity’ and ‘temperature’ of air, in an appropriate condition, which is comfortable for us is known as Air conditioning.
Here on this page, we were told about the Air Conditioning and its types with advantages and disadvantages. In this process, around an appropriate space we can spare a conditioned air, according to our need or temperature which we set on it.

This process is possible only in any indoor situations, in an open area we can’t apply it. There are so many Air Conditioners are available in the market for this process. You can apply any one of these according to your need.

Central Air Conditioning System:

This type of systems is used when we need to the conditioned air in a building, so it is very costly for us to apply individual AC in each room or part. So at that time we apply Central Air Conditioning System in such kind of buildings. The capacity of these systems is to produce hundreds of tons of air conditioning. Usually in big buildings, entire hotels, factories, galleries, gyms, halls, houses, huge spaces, malls, movie theaters, offices, etc. we use Central air conditioning Systems. The Central Air Conditioning system is also divided into two parts which are:
  • Direct expansion or DX central air conditioning plant.
  • Chilled water central air conditioning plant.


  • In these systems the Year-round technology is used for cleaning and circulating the fresh air
  • Heat pump helps to Decrease the need of Fuel.
  • In the new technology the apparatus is compact in nature with the complete mechanization.
  • It makes the adjustment of humidity and Filter the Air for a Healthy and comfortable indoor air.
  • Safer internal air quality than wood-burning stoves or others.
  • This process is Quiet with built-in vents and registers
  • This system also adjusts the Humidification and dehumidification.
  • When we change the temperature, it responses very quickly.


  • Its installation Cost is very high.
  • We need to spend thousands of dollars, according to its size at the time of installation.
  • A breath in harmful pollutant risk is also happening if you don’t provide it when the maintenance is required.
  • We have to protect it in the bad climate condition , if we don’t care about it, its outside unit can be destroyed.
  • This kind of systems can be very noisy.
  • Its repairing and changing cost is also very high.

Manufacturer and Suppliers

Atico Export is Refrigeration and  Air Conditioning Lab Apparatus manufacturer and supplier company in India. 


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