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Types of Universal Testing Machine:

For testing the Stretchable pressure and abbreviated strength of materials, we use universal testing machine. Through this machine we can check out so many tensile and compression tests of materials, components and structures. So that this machine is called as Universal Testing Machine. Here in the below given part you can check more information about UTM, its features and Types of Universal Testing Machine.

Working of UTM:

For starting the work of this machine firstly in between the grips and an extensometers you need to place a specimen, which you want to test. During the test if there is any change occurring in the length of it, is also recorded by Machine, also the dislocation between its cross are automatically recorded by machine if the extensometers is not fixed correctly.

Types of Universal Testing Machine:

We can Categorized the UTM in different types according to its working which are given below:
  • Single Column Universal
  • Double / Dual Column Universal
  • Four Column Universal
  • Computer operated Universal
  • Digitally operated Universal
  • Electromechanical type
  • Electro-hydraulic

Test Performed by UTM:

Universal Testing Machines are used to conduct following Tests:
  • Bending / Transverse Test on Beams, Synthetic Materials etc. 
  • Compression Tests on springs, Rubber etc.
  • Shear Test on Metals, Polymers etc.  
  • Tensile Test on Metal, Synthetic Materials etc.

Use of different types of Universal Testing Machine:

Single Column:

  • compression
  • examines tension
  • flexure
  • peel
  • shear

Double / Dual Column:

  • Compression
  • Flexure
  • Peel.
  • Shear
  • Tests tension

Four Column:

  • Compression
  • Concrete cubes & cylinders
  • Hollow blocks
  • Overwhelming strength tests on containers
  • Various other materials. 

Computer operated:

  • Compression
  • Flexure
  • peel
  • shear
  • Tension

Digitally operated:

  • Electronic Hardware Interface
  • Hydraulic Control Console
  • Hydraulic Loading Unit

Applications of Universal Testing Machine:

  • Cable
  • Chain
  • Electrical Wire
  • Links
  • Nylon Rope
  • Rope
  • Slings
  • Spring
  • Steel Chain
  • Steel Rope
  • Steel Wire
  • Webbing
  • Winches


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