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What is Humidity?

A Presence of water in the air is called Humidity. It can affect many manufacturing processes in industries, physical, chemical, and biological processes and Human Comfort.
The Humidity measurement can affect the cost of the product with the health and safety of the persons. Because of these reasons we need the Humidity sensors, especially for industrial processes and human comfort.

A humidity sensor is a sensor which is used to check the Measurement of the humidity in the air for Making Reports. Also, the air temperature and moisture can be measured by this Equipment. Simply we can say that it is a very famous equipment for checking the Humidity. You can get complete information about working and applications of Humidity sensor which are Provided Below.

So when we talk about the Relative humidity, we can say that the ratio between the actual moisture and the Maximum amount of moisture that can be held at that same air temperature is Relative humidity. According to the temperature of the air the amount of the moisture in the air can be measured. So, when the temperature is warmer, the amount of humidity can be maximized.

Properties of Humidity sensor:

  • It provides the highest accurate result without any adjustment.
  • For mass applications this Sensor is Ideally suited.
  • We also can prepare Humidity sensor for SMD.
  • It is an integrated temperature sensor and dust protection filter.

Applications of Humidity sensor:

  • Due to humidity if anyone is ill then he/she can use this sensor for monitoring and preventive measure.
  • Also, it is used in the automotive industry to check the humidity.
  • Also the climate control Department has used it for Measurement so that they can get rid from future Problems.
  • Data logger also uses Humidity sensor for measurement.

Types of Humidity sensor:

We can classify the Humidity sensor in various types according to different criteria like packaging type, supply current, supply voltage, accuracy humidity range, and operating temperature range.

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