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PID Controller Application:

PID Controller is a controller which is based on a particular fixed structure controller family, the so-called PID controller family.
This note examines a specific control structure that is almost used in a universal level for industrial control.
These controllers have proven to be extremely beneficial and robust in the control of many important applications. Here PID stands for:
  • P - Proportional
  • I - Integral
  • D – Derivative

Four Modes of Controllers:

  • Proportional (P)
  • Proportional plus Reset (PI)
  • Proportional plus Rate (PD)
  • Proportional plus Reset plus Rate (PID)


  • We can reduce the rise time by using a proportional controller (KP) boot, this process is not available for eliminating the steady state error.
  • The steady-state error can be eliminated for a constant or step input in the integral control (Ki) but, transient response of this process may slower
  • For increasing the stability of the system we use derivative control (Kd) also, it is used to reduce the overshoot, and improves the transient response.
  • When we change any variable from the above given controls, it can effect on the working of other two.
  • In PID controller we combine the values of P, I, D (P+I+D).
  • All the necessary dynamics are available on this controller like:
  1. Suitable action in the control error area to eliminate oscillations (P mode).
  2. Increase in control signal to load error towards zero (I mode)
  3. Fast reaction to change of the controller input (D mode).

Applications of PID Controller:

Furnace Temperature Control:

PID Controller is used for controlling the Temperature of Furnaces which is needed for central heating and holding the raw material at high temperature. For best quality PID Controller Contact us as Atico Export are the big manufacturers and suppliers of PID Controller.

Neutralization pH Control:

To control the pH of the Neutralization PID controller is very helpful, usually in the industries pH is used as a challenge to control.

Batch Temperature Control:

In the Batch Temperature Controlling process, PID is also very helpful. For more Food Technology Products clients are welcomed to call us. 

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