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Different types of Magnifiers:

The Magnifier is an optical device which is used for close viewing, also an ostensible magnification is produced by this device.
There are different types of Magnifiers are available for us according to our need, the main types of Magnifiers are as follows:
  • Hand Held Magnifiers
  • Stand magnifiers
  • Spectacle magnifiers
  • Telescopes
  • Video magnifiers

Hand Held Magnifiers:

Hand Held Magnifiers are those kinds of Magnifiers which are used for reading price tags,menus, thermostats,prescription bottles, or ingredients.

Stand Magnifiers:

Stand Magnifiers are those which does not need to be held in the hand. Commonly it is designed for the peoples who are not able to hold the magnifier in hand. We can use these types of Magnifiers for reading the magazines, books or stock pages.

Spectacle Magnifiers:

Spectacle Magnifiers are used for new observing distances and these Magnifiers are very useful for reading letters, menus,newspapers and books.

Telescopic Vision Aids:

Telescopic Vision Aids are used to see those objects which are far away, near and anywhere in between.

Low vision Optical Devices:

There are two different types of Low vision Optical Devices which are:
  • Near Optical Devices
  • Distance Optical Devices

Near Optical Devices:

Near Optical Devices are used for nearest objects like for writing, crafting, reading,and sewing.

Distance Optical Devices:

Distance Optical Devices are used for objects which are far from us like for aisle numbers and reading street signs; to identify the numbers of buses and trains; viewing movies, sporting events, and scenery.

Terms and conditions to use Magnifiers:

  • For using a magnifier you have to know that how to use it.
  • It is very important to have the complete knowledge of the limitations and potential of that device which you want to use.
  • You have to be confident about that the magnifier is arranged correctly.
  • A specific magnifier should be selected for a specific task.
  • For selecting a correct magnifier you have to determine that which tool is required for this job.
  • Decide the character and the size of the subject and examine the object's surface character.

Manufacturers and Suppliers:

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