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Evaporators description:

Evaporator is a heat-exchange device which is used for evaporating liquids.
Also, it is used for producing a distillate which compensates for losses of condensate in steam power plants in thermal power engineering. The stem, which is coming from the turbine and transferred through the space between the tubes is usually heated by a tube vertical evaporator.
The procedure of passing the evaporating water that is softened in advance within the tubes is started. Some evaporators are heated by flue gases, which are developed from boiler units. For providing the heat and the compensation of losses condensate the stream which is used is produced by these evaporators.

Types of Evaporators

  • Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE)
  • Centritherm
  • Falling Film Long Evaporator (FFLE)
  • Multi-effect Evaporator: Falling and Rising
  • Plate evaporators: Falling Film, Rising/Falling Film, Paravap, Paraflash
  • Scraped Surface Evaporator (SSE)
  • Short Tube Vertical Evaporator
  • Thermally Accelerated Short Time Evaporators (TASTE)
  • Unstirred Open Pan or Kettle


  • In subsequent processes, to reduce the cost of energy we use Pre-concentration.
  • Concentrate as commodity is easier to market.
  • We also can use it as an economical introductory step for subsequent dehydration, as in the cases of crystallization, spray drying, vacuum drying, drum drying, freeze-dried, and mixing (Food mixing).
  • To improve the stability and handling of the product.
  • To reduce packaging,storage, and transportation cost.
  • To reduce water activity and lengthen shelf life


Here we have a list of some applications in which we use the Evaporators
  • Brine.
  • Digestate (from biogas plant).
  • Food and agricultural waste.
  • Fruit concentrate.
  • Manure.
  • Other effluents.
  • Sludge.
  • Stillage (from bioethanol plant).
  • Wastewater treatment.

Manufacturers and Suppliers:

We are manufacturers and suppliers of Heat Transfer Lab Equipment. We also manufacture Calandria Evaporator and supply world-wide.

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