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Bipolar Junction Transistor Applications:

A transistor, which uses only one kind of charge is known as unipolar transistors, and the transistors carriers both electron and hole charge is known as Bipolar Junction Transistor.

That’s way Bipolar Junction Transistor is advanced version of Transistors in comparisonof unipolar transistors. So on this page, we were discussing about the Bipolar Junction Transistor and its Applications.

Meaning of Bipolar Junction Transistor:

A fact that the device function depends on the measurement of its charge carriers with both polarities is called Bipolar. The transistor is the acronym for two words ‘transfer’ and ‘resistor’, the meaning of this word is to shift the signal towards two different resistances. Its signals are shifted between two junctions. So after reading the above given definition the meaning of Bipolar Junction Transistor is clear.

Terminals of Bipolar Junction Transistor:
There are three terminals of BJT, which are given below:
  • Common emitter (CE),
  • Common base (CB),
  • Common collector (CC)
In these Terminals the heavily doped terminal is Emitted, lightly doped is the base and the moderately doped is Collected.

Types of Bipolar junction transistors: There are two types of BJT, complete description about its types is given below:

PNP transistor:
In this type of transistor there are two P-type semiconductors, and in between these two semiconductors there is an N-type semiconductor. In the collector, the small current which is leaving the base is amplified. When the base of PNP transistor is Pulled Down relative to the emitter it is “on”.

NPN transistor:
In this type of transistor there are two N-type semiconductors, and in between these two semiconductors there is a P-type semiconductor. In NPN transistor, to produce a large collector and emitter current, small current leaving the base is amplified. That is, an NPN transistor is "on" when the current flows b/w the emitter and collector of the transistor.

Advantages of Bipolar Junction Transistor:
  • Because of its High Gain bandwidth product, transactions between gain and bandwidth over a wide range is Possible.
  • BJT is also used as a digital switch by Emmiter coupled logic Even when the fastest digital logic family available.
  • The driving capability of Bipolar Junction Transistor is high.
  • The Operational frequency of a BJT is also high.

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