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Elements of Combustion Process:

As we know Combustion means ‘ to burn’. In the Combustion Process, we need oxygen, fuel, place, and an ignition heat source which is needed to start a chemical chain reaction.
The best example of Combustion Process is a campfire: so, in a campfire, wood is used as the fuel, the oxygen is provided by the surrounding air, and to ignite the fire, we can use a match or lighter.

When we increase the value of anything from that it will automatically increase the intensity of fire. After that, to stop this process, we should eliminate any one element from them. The complete information about the elements of this process is provided below:


The substance which burns during the combustion process is called as fuel. A fuel have the chemical potential energy which is released during a chemical reaction. The energy which is realized by fuel during the burning process is called the Heat. There are so many types of fuels for the Combustion Process, which are: methane, propane, gasoline, jet fuel, all fossil fuels, including coal and natural gas, hydrogen, alcohol, and biofuels, like wood, etc.


The most important element of the combustion process is oxygen, without it we can’t burn anything. If we talk about the source of oxygen, then the answer is air because the air contains 21% oxygen. Air is the most common source of oxygen, but also some more sources are available for us which are: oxidizers or oxidizing agents that includes, potassium nitrate, hydrogen peroxide, and many more. It is not important that the oxygen should be in the gas form, we can also get it in the solid rocket like: to create the propellant we mixed a solid oxidizer with the fuel.


To start the burning process, we need the Heat. We can produce it by burning something. After the starting of burning process, the additional heat can be generated by the fire itself.
Ways to stop the Combustion Process:
There are three basic ways to stop the combustion process:
  • Remove the oxygen,
  • Take away the fuel,
  • And/or take away the heat.


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