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Barometer Types:

The Barometer is an instrument, which is used to measure the barometric pressure or to measure the layers of air wrapped around the Earth.
It is used to take the measurement of force which is applied to the earth when pushed down from the atmosphere. This pressure is also termed as Atmospheric pressure. The Barometers are available in various types which are provided below:

Simple Mercury Barometer:

In Simple Mercury Barometer, on the time of filling the mercury in the tube you need be very careful so that not any air bubbles can be present in the mercury column. By using your thumb, you need to close the open end and move the tube upside down carefully. After this process put the open end in the mercury level and then remove your thumb. Now check the level of mercury, which gets down after this process. So it is the Atmospheric pressure on the surface of the mercury.

The Fortin Barometer:

The working of this Barometer is similar to mercury barometer. The main difference between both of them is that in the Fortin Barometer for the improvement of the Quality to read the atmospheric pressure we use the vernier scale which provides the exact measurement with perfect results.

The Aneroid Barometer:

The Aneroid Barometer are those kinds of barometers in Anchorwhich liquid is not required. When there is any Increment in height so it denoted the Decrement in the pressure. This kind of Barometers is used in aircraft and for weather forecasting.
Mercury Barometer:


  • Doesn't evaporate easily 
  • Has low vapour pressure 
  • Too dense 


  • Hard to get reading under hard conditions
  • Bulky and fragile 
  • Glass tube breaks easily 

Aneroid Barometer:

  • Adaptable to recording
  • Easily portable
  • Low weight
  • No liquid
  • Less precise or accurate as a mercury barometer.
  • Needs frequent calibration.

Barometer Tubes Manufacturers and Suppliers:

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