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Different Light Sources:

The light sources are the accelerators which make remarkably penetrating beams of ultra-violet, X-rays and infrared light.
These sources make possible, both the basic and the applied research in fields which are ranging from physics to technology and biology, which are not probable with more conservative instrument.

Definition about Light:

A form of energy is known as Light, when we Burn something in the result of it, it provides the light and the heat energy. For Example the ball of burning gases, which is called as ‘sun’ provides us a lot of light. At the very past time, the source of light that was used by the human Beings is created from burning wood. But now by using our scientific facts and figures we found so many different sources of light which includes both natural and artificial.

Types of Light Sources:

There are commonly two types of Light Sources, where one is Natural and the other one is Artificial:

Natural Sources:

All the light sources which are self-generated and passes its own light are called Natural light Sources. This kind of lights, which are provided by these kind of sources are the spectrum of the visible colors.
  • Sunlight
  • Stars
  • Volcanoes
  • Meteorological lightning
  • Biochemical sources

Artificial Sources:

Artificial light is a light, which is generated by the man by using other energy source. Without any alternate source of light we have to stop our so many. The good point of an artificial light is that we can get the control on it according to our need.
  • Fluorescent Grow Lights 
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • High-intensity discharge (hid)
  • HPS
  • LED bulbs
  • Light bulb
  • Mercury vapor
  • Metal halide grow lights
  • MH
  • The high pressure sodium light (hps)


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