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Different Parts of Microscope:

A microscope is a widely used equipment which helps us to enlarge and resolve the image of a very small object which is invisible to the naked eye. In the order to determine the details of that small object, which is not possible to see with the naked eye, we use a microscope.

There are so many different parts of microscopes which are provided in the below given part. For more information, read the below given text very carefully.

Important types of microscopes:

  • Simple microscope
  • Compound microscope
  • Electron microscopes
  • Phase-Contrast microscope
  • Interference microscope.

Parts of Microscope:

Eyepiece: Eyepiece holds a telescopic lens whichprominences the image from the impartialto your eye.
Course Adjust: Course Adjust is used for concentrating under low intensification
Fine Adjust: Fine Adjust is needed for concentrating under high intensificationor low
Low Power Objective: In order to getlarger samples or overview we can use Low Power Objective.
High Power Objective: For small specimens or detailed viewing we use High Power Objective.
Specimen on glass slide: Specimen on glass slide is used to make concentration on a point which you want to look at.
Stage: Stage handled the specimen in the right location to lens
Condenser: Condenser helps the light to focus on the specimen
Diaphragm (iris or disc): Diaphragm helps to regulate the amount of contrast and light
Light Source: Light Source helps to Illuminate the specimen for viewing..

Points to remember while using a microscope:

  • Always carry with 2 hands
  • Always store covered
  • Be careful of the cords
  • Do not force knobs
  • Only use lens paper for cleaning

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Lab Microscope:

We are manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory microscopes  world-wide. We have the entire range of Student Microscope and Research Microscopes.

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