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Atomization Procedure:

A process in which a large amount of liquid is converted into a collection of small drops is known as Atomization Procedure. The primary atomization process can be done by taking the improvement of the disturbances on the surface of the bulk liquid, by following their intensification which is occurring because of the transformation of ‘momentum’ and ‘energy’ from the surrounding gas.

Here in this process the Basic Processes are connected with the methods of atomization for example: You can check the transformation of bulk liquid into a jet or sheet and the growth of disturbances which is eventually lead to fragmentation of the sheet into tendons and then drops down the corresponding resulting spray's characteristics such as:
  • Drop size distribution
  • Droplet velocity
  • Penetration
  • Shape
  • Structure

Types of Atomization:

  • Water Atomization
  • Gas Atomization
  • Vacuum Atomization
  • Centrifugal Atomization
  • Rotating Atomization
  • Ultrasonic Atomization

Need of Atomization Procedure:

  • Alloying (chemical and electrolytic)
  • Particle size and shape control
  • Chemical purity

Things to be concentrate on:

To find the perfect output we need to check out those things which can affect the characteristics of droplets, which are:
  • Atomizer size and geometry
  • Physical properties of the liquid
  • Properties of the gaseous medium into which the liquid stream is discharged


  • All the Metals which can be melted can be split into many sections.
  • From melt, you can produce the Higher Purity and pre alloyed powders directly.
  • From the few or nil nonmetallic inclusions you can produce the Powders very easily.
  • You can get the appropriate size and shape of particles with the help of basic parameters such as pressure, temperature and Metal of atomizing medium.
  • It costs very low amount and provide better productivity in comparison of many other methods.


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