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External Gear Pump Test Rig:

An external rotary constructive displacement pump is known as External Gear Pump. Also the External Gear Pumps offer high volumetric efficiency with smooth pumping action. Commonly it is very useful for a cooling purpose and also for a fluid delivery in industrial machine and also with a wide range of unsolidified viscosity.

Categories of External Gear Pump:

There are two categories of External Gear Pump where the first one is positive displacement pumps and the other one is kinetic pumps. The positive displacement Pumps include gear, vane and piston and these pumps are used in Fluid Power systems.


  • Aluminium and cast iron versions
  • Single pumps, reversible
  • Single pumps, unidirectional
  • With integral flow or pressure control valve.
  • With outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads.
  • Double and triple pumps, unidirectional, in several configurations.

Applications of External Gear Pump:

  • Acids and caustic (stainless steel or composite construction)
  • Chemical mixing and blending (double pump)
  • Chemical additive and polymer metering
  • Industrial and mobile hydraulic applications (log splitters, lifts, etc.)
  • Low volume transfer or application
  • Various fuel oils and lube oils

Working of External Gear Pump:

Basically we can say that it is a kind of internal gear revolving constructive displacement pump. The engine crankshaft determines all the work of handling its processes. By using a motor the process of driving gear motion can be generated. After the start of the rotation of gears its teeth or pines get started to Collaborate with each other and start its working process.

A vacuum is generated in the result of contact region, which is left by the tooth. With the help of the pump inlet port the liquid is supplied which runs between this blank space to fill this vacuum. The gear pump does its processing as a revolving conveyor belt, which transfers packets of liquid b/w the teeth of the gears.

Advantage of External Gear Oil Pumps:

  • Compact, Close Coupled Options
  • Higher Pressure Capabilities
  • Minimal Pulsation
  • Multi-Section Pumps
  • One Shaft Seal
  • Porting Options
  • Reliable and Easy to Maintain
  • Shaft Seal Options

Disadvantages of External Gear Oil Pump:

  • Fixed End Clearances
  • Four bushings in liquid area
  • No solids allowed


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