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Digital electronics Properties:

All the electronic systems that are using a digital signal in the place of analog signals are known as Digital electronics.
It is the most common representation of Boolean algebra and the digital circuit basis for mobile phones, computers, and so many other consumer products.

Here, the logic gate is a common unit of this term. You can create a very complex system by combining so many logic gates. Collectively, the digital electronics complex systems are known as digital circuit. Also, on the place of digital circuits, we can use the terms digital system or logic. There are two important properties that are combined through digital electronic.

Firstly, to represent the real functions with the help of informational digital coding. And the second one is to control a system through the evaluation and manipulation of digital variables by using the switching algebra.


The main advantage of digital circuits is that the digitally represented signals can be transmitted easily without a basement. For example a digital audio signal can reconstruct easily without any problem. Any audio of one hour can be stored in approximately 6 billion binary digits. Also by increasing the binary digits you can get, the more preciseness in the representation of the signals where in the analog system for the same purpose we needs additional resolutions.We can control the digital computerized systems by software and also we can add the new functions without changing the old hardware.

It is very easy to store the information in these systems. Sometimes, the digital circuits need the extra energy in comparison of analog circuits for the same work. So they results extra heat with more circuits complexity like heat sinks inclusion. It is a very costly system in comparison of analog systems. By designing a digital robustness system we can reduce the digital fragility. There are so many techniques like error detection and correction with the help of additional data is just possible with the digital memory and transmission systems.

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