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Lux Meter Measurements:

Lux Meters is also popularly known as Light meters. It basically measures the intensity of light when diversified from the human eye.

Human Eye differentiates the light based on the term visual physiology. In the human eye, there are three types of cones which are activated by different wavelengths in the eye.
Three cones are β, ρ, γ and the range of these cones is as follows:
  • β cones: 400-500 nm  
  • γ cones: 450-630 nm
  • ρ cones: 500-700 nm
While as per the other theory colors are perceived by rod and cones in the way as: black vs. white, blue vs. yellow, and red vs. green.
Perceptibility of the eye is represented by CIE Chart.
Actually, A Lux is the unit of Luminous Flux.


Its application area is so vast as described below:


It is also used in Conference room and personal workspace.


In Factories it is used for Packaging line, Production line, Q/A, Electronics Assembly.


It is also used in Guest room, Public Areas.


It is also used in Corridors/stairs, Interior, Window display etc.


In Hospitals Luxmeter, it is also needed for Waiting/lobby, Exam room, Procedure room.


In Schools, it is widely used for Auditorium/gym, Classroom, Laboratory/library etc.  
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