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Fundamental of Statics:

Here we have information about the fundamental principles of statics like the resolution of forces, law of levers, moments and equilibrium of forces and much more. In the Statics an upright panel is a base element, we can set it in landscape or portrait orientation, where the feet help the panel to stand on a laboratory bench. For this experiment Fundamental of Statics Apparatus is used.

After that, with the rails around the edges we need to attach all the parts which are required for the experiment. The precise assembly is certified by the grid-marked lever bars and imprinted line grid. For easy reading of the angles, we can use the lengths which is marked on the grid.

We can fix and combine a wide range of mountings like cables, pivot bearings, pulleys, rods, torque discs, etc. in place of the grid. Students can get complete help in developing their own experiments and to explore their creativity by the versatility of the statics experimental unit.

Categories of Statics:

Statics can be divided into 3 categories that is:
  • Vectors and Forces
  • Free-Body diagram
  • Equilibrium

Vector and Forces:

For measuring the Strength of Materials and the topics of Statics we need to have a good understanding of Vector. Commonly, to describe the magnitude and Torques/Momentsand direction of Forces we use vectors. Sometimes, we need to reduce or transform the vectors into a convenient coordinate system according to our convenience.

Free ± Body Diagrams:

Free ± Body Diagrams are the first and most important step, which are used for solving the Materials problem. This method is used for solving the problem by following some common steps which are designed for it.


When you construct a FBD of a system, then it is necessary to apply the conditions and concepts of Static Equilibrium to identify the magnitude and direction of the forces.

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