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Anaerobic digestion:

A collection of processes which is used by microorganisms, to break down the biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen is called the anaerobic digestion.
Commonly, this process is the very useful for domestic or industrial purposes, to manage waste fluid and to produce fuels. Also, it is widely used for producing food and drink products in industries and also in home fermentation.

Anaerobic Digestion Process:

  • Acidogenesis Process:
This process can be done through the conversion of solvable lower molecular components of sugars, amino acids andfatty acids, to the lower molecular intermediate products.
  • Hydrolysis Process:
It can be done through the conversion of unsolvable high molecular compounds like fats, carbohydrates and lining, to lower molecular compounds.
  • Methanogenesis Process:
This process can be done through the conversion of instable acids & transitional products to final product of CO2 and methane.

Anaerobic digestion Applications:

The most common applications of anaerobic digestion process are:
  • Displacing industrially produced chemical fertilizers.
  • Reducing electrical grid transportation losses.
  • Falling methane emission from landfills.
  • Reducing or eliminating the energy footprint of waste treatment plants.
  • Low usage of LP Gas for cooking.
  • Less vehicle movement is required.
  • Replacement of fossil fuels.

Advantages of Anaerobic digestion:

Main advantages of anaerobic digestion system are:
  • Explosive gases are not produced in it.
  • Few odors are experienced if properly designed and operated.
  • Low ammonia and BOD in return stream.
  • Lower BOD concentrations in supernatant liquor.
  • Lower capital cost.
  • Operation is relatively easy.
  • Production of an odorless, humus-like, biologically stable end.
  • Easy to control and start-up.
  • Volatile solids reduction is equal that obtained anaerobically.

Disadvantages of Anaerobic digestion:

Limitations of anaerobic digestion system are:
  • Aerobic digestion process is energy intensive.
  • A high power cost is linked to supplying the required O2.
  • A useful by-product such as methane is not recovered.
  • Aerobic digestion does NOT produce energy.
  • Not usually used for primary sludge due to high O2 demand.
  • Stabilized sludge may be difficult to deter.
  • Temperature inconsistency throughout the year causes eroticism in the operating performance.Anchor

Manufacturer and Supplier of Anaerobic digester:

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