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Use of Fortin's Barometer:

Fortin's Barometer is a type of mercury barometer which is used to check the exact pressure of the atmosphere. In this page, we have provided you the complete acknowledgement about Fortin Barometer, also form this page you can get complete details about the Use of Fortin Barometer with its working.

We can measure the force of air by using  a Fortin Barometer.We also use it for forecasting the weather. In a glass tube, mercury is enclosed in it and when the air pressure changes it makes the metal tube to move upward and downward to indicate the information. On the time of reading a scale, match the mercury levels with the barometric pressure.

Usually, these kinds of Barometers are used in meteorological stations, schools and laboratories. In a Barometer,  there is a screw which gives the allowance in the adjustment of mercury level. We can get the accurate measurements only when we calibrated to a known pressure level.  Generally, at the same temperature the measurements should be taken.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

In the below given content, we have described  the qualities and drawbacks of Fortin Barometer.

Advantages of Fortin Barometer:

  • It is very convenient device.
  • This kind of Barometer are verysimple and easy to understand.
  • The vapour pressure of this barometer is very low
  • It doesn't vanish easily.
  • It always provides the accurate value of pressure.
  • Fortin Barometer allows the mercury level in the reservoir to be set to zero. This feature makes the reading more precise.

Disadvantages of Fortin Barometer:

  • The Fortin Barometer are very Bulky and fragile.
  • All the system is based on Glass tube which can be breakdown very easily.
  • Under the hard conditions it is very difficult to get reading.
  • When we set the mercury in the bowl, a Parallax error occurs. This error also occurs when we take the reading at the top.

Fortin Barometer Manufacturer and Supplier:

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