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Barometer is the equipment which is used to check the pressure of atmosphere, it is also used to measure altitude. Barometers are available in different types, so we can classify them in three parts which are Simple Mercury Barometer, the Fortin Barometer and the Aneroid Barometer.

As we know that in between the distance of above and below sea level the atmospheric pressure changes. So if we want to find surface, then we need to check out many measurements for the pressure of the Air. The barometer was firstly used in 1643 by Italian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli.

If we talk about its design then we can say that it is designed as a 3 feet high glass tube and one side of this tube is open and the other one is wrapped or closed. In this tube, mercury is also inserted. In the container, the glass tube is settled in opposite situation. It is also known as reservoir, which contains mercury.

Types of Barometers:

As there are different types of Barometers, we can classify them according to their working and specifications which are provided below:
  • Simple Mercury Barometer:
  • The Fortin Barometer:
  • The Aneroid Barometer

Simple Mercury Barometer:

The first type of Barometer is a Simple Mercury Barometers. These kinds of barometers can be made through 1 miter long clear, dry, thick-walled glass tube. This tube is filled with mercury completely to scale at one end. On the other side, to get rid from air bubbles in the mercury column, care must be taken. For this process, we need to close the open part of this tube by using our thumb and after that turn this tube upside down cautiously over a containing mercury.

After that, dip the open side under the mercury level and remove your thumb from it. When the mercury level go more than the 760 mm vertically from the mercury level in the tube, the mercury level in the tube will  fall down.  There was an atmospheric pressure which was acting on the surface of the mercury in the trough that supports the vertical mercury column. We can specified the atmospheric pressure by using so many millimeters of mercury. For instance, the atmospheric pressure is 760 mm Hg at sea level.

The Fortin Barometer:

The Fortin Barometer is same as the simple mercury barometer but in a better way. That’s why it can be assumed as a developed version of previous Barometer. In this Barometer, a vernier scale is used to improve the Quality of reading the atmospheric pressure.

The Aneroid Barometer:

In these kinds of barometers, there is no need of liquid. We can use Aneroid Barometer in aircrafts as an altimeter. These kinds of barometers are also used for weather forecasting. So as per its working theory, we can use a simple rule. According to this rule, a sudden fall in density indicates unsettled weather and or a high pressure indicates a good Weather. So when it note any change in pressure, the metal box start moving upward and downward again and again and because of this movement, the pointer moves over the circular dial.

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