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Different Types of Microtome:

A Microtome is an Instrument which is Helpful for cutting thicker slices of material. When we want to prepare the models for observation, we need to connect the Microscopy with the Microtomes.
The device uses glass, steel, or diamond blades according to the object.
Steel Blades are needed for light microscopy, histology for cutting the slices of animal or plant tissues. For cutting the slices for electron microscopy, we can use glass knives. The sections of hard materials are coated for electron and light microscopy. By using it, we can slice the minerals, sections of bones, and teeth, and an alternative to ion milling and Electro polishing.

Types of Microtome:

Sledge Microtome:

In Sledge Microtome in a shuffle a specimen is placed. The object is moved across a knife in forwards and backwards condition to cut that section. The bobsled of the device can cut the harder material such as bone, wood, and leather. Because of the heaviness of its blade it is not able to cut the thin slices as the regular microtome can.

Rotary Microtome:

The Rotary Microtome is stable, heavy, and widely used machine. Here horizontally a knife is placed in a fixed situation. Because of its Heaviness this machine is more stable. It can cut very hard materials without any Vibration also it can cut the Sequential section. We can adjust the knife and the cutting Angle very easily.

Saw Microtome:

To cut the tiny sections of hard materials such as teeth or bones we use Saw Microtome. We can get the approximately 30 ┬Ám cutting sections by this Microtome. Also the comparatively large samples can be maintained through it.
Laser Microtome:
Laser Microtome are used for very hard materials and for contact-free slicing. Commonly it is used for teeth, or bones as well as some ceramics

Parts of Microtome:

  • The clamp
  • The knife
  • The microtome
  • The mold

Microtome Equipment Manufacturer:

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