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Universal Force:

A force is any interaction that, will change the motion of an object in the unopposed conditions. Simplistically gravity is the well-known force, the list of fundamental forces is extended by the scientists which are existing in nature and called as universal forces.

The universal forces are the basic forces which are existing in the universe like electromagnetic force, gravitational force, strong force and weak force. Since all that forces the strongest force is the nuclear force and the weak one is the gravitational force.

Types of Universal Force:

Electromagnetic force:

A combo of electric and magnetic force that is associated with charged particles is the Electromagnetic force.

Electric forces:

Forces that act between charged objects or particles (electrons and protons) is the electric force.

Magnetic forces:

Magnetic forces are the Force that acts on poles of magnets, certain metals and on moving charges.

Nuclear Forces:

There are two types of Nuclear Forces, which are:

Strong nuclear force:

Strong nuclear force is a powerful force of attraction which acts only on neutrons and protons holding them together.

Weak nuclear force:

It is another powerful nuclear force yet it is weaker than the strong nuclear force and acts over a shorter range.

Gravitational force:

An attractive force between any two masses is a gravitational force.

Centripetal force:

Centripetal force is a center-directed force that unceasingly changes the way of an object for making it able to move in a circle.

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