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Heat Generation:

The Heat Generation is a process, which is used for generating the power, by using the conversion of heat.
When required the least amount of power we can use these types of generators. In this device, we do not need Steel. Commonly, is divided into two basic modes which are active mode, Passive mode

Applications of Heat Generation:

The most common applications which generate heat and used in common life are:

Smoking cigarettes:

It is a good example of the applications, because when we smoke a cigarette the heat is increased and the burning value of the cigarette is increasing at that time.


Bombs are also a very good example of the application of heat generation it consists a vast range of power inside it and when it blasts, an atomic power is separated all over the side.


In Fireworks also the heat generation programs are used very successfully.

Cooking food:

Also when we cocked food at anywhere whether in a house or in a hotel kitchen we need heat with the temperature which can be adjusted easily.

Preventing frostbite:

Also the heat is very helpful for preventing the frostbite, for this purpose we can use heaters and some other machines which are especially designed for it.

Space exploration:

Also in Space exploration we use some artificial satellites, space probes and spacecraft with human crews, for starting these devices we needs a high amount of heat, which helps them to fly over the sky.


Also the Welding is done through heat the part which we need to weld, is melted through high heat and then after joining it we releases its heat.

Making electricity:

Also by using the heat we can make electricity also can save it in batteries and use it when the electricity is needed.

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