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Distillation Column:

Distillation Column is an equipment which is used for counter current communication of liquid and vapor, which helps in the separations by absorption or distillation.
Simply, we can say that it is an apparatus which consists of a vessel of cylinder shaped with internals which is designed to obtain multiple contacting of both the descending liquid and ascending vapor together.
This notified that the generating vapor at the bottom and liquid at the top. A vapor condenser is used to produce liquid in a column which can be applied to distillation that is returned to the top, and to generate vapor for introduction at the bottom they use a liquid heater. The absorption oil is the top liquid in a simple absorber and the bottom vapor is the feed gas.

When any change occurs in the composition it produces the volume changes and heat effects. By this detail, we come to know that when the temperature incline and a difference in a vapor occur at that time the flow of the liquid is moved from the top to the bottom of the column. These changes make the effect on the inner flow rates from the point to point through the column and must be painstaking in its design.

Types of Distillation Columns:

  • Packed Bed Columns
  • Tray Column
Packed Bed Columns:

Used more often for distillation and the preoccupation of vapor-liquid mixtures.


  • Cost efficient
  • Good for thermally sensitive liquids
  • Lower pressure drop


  • Packing can break during installation
Tray Column:
The number of trays or stages is dependent.

  • Can handle high liquid flow rates
  • Cost efficient
  • Foaming can occur due to agitation
  • Higher pressure drops than packed columns

Basic Distillation Equipment and Operation:

  • A condenser to condense and cool the vapor, which is left on the top of the column
  • A retailer to provide the necessary vaporisation for the distillation process
  • A vertical shell where the separation of liquid components is carried out

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